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As the saying goes-investing in your mind is the great thing to do. So how does one invest? You may ask. In my opinion it is to read, read and read until you are empowered. Because when we read we exercise our mind, our thinking changes because we learn. However, reading can inspire to do great things, such as wanting to be the best.

As for me personally, I cant seem to forget Terrerai Trent…even though I did not read the bookbook’ Half the sky’ myself, but it sure changed my way of thinking for good! I learned that with determination and passion you can do almost anything you put your mind into.

Therefore, I hope we can all be inspired by a book to change ourselves or help others to change!





World AIDS Day-Its in our hands



Today is world Aids Day. And this day means a lot to many people to the world. I would like to take this opportunity to share this information.

What can you do on this day?

In solidarity and support with millions of people living with HIV/AIDS one can do a simple thing like wearing a red ribbon. But what does it symbolise and what does it mean? It’s a universal symbol of awareness and support for those living with HIV/AIDS. However, it has inspired other charities to utilise the symbol, for example, breast cancer awareness has adopted a pink version. Empowering people by giving information and talks about it, is another way I think one can do in support because, with information, we can make very informed decisions.You can also get free pack of red ribbons for distribution.for more information: https://worldaidsday.org/about

46664: Global Campaign for change

The late Nelson Mandela gave his prison number:46664 thirty-eight years later to a globalHIV/AIDS prevention campaign as a reminder of sacrifices he made for a cause he believed in for more information:http://www.southafrica.info/mandela/46664.htm#WD96stJ96DINelson Mandela believed that HIV/AIDS was another struggle that the human race is facing, and therefore it’s in our hands to contribute to it in order to come as victories.

credit: https://www.southafricainfo/mandela/46664.html#WD96stJ96DIWebsite:www.46664.com

Source: Wold AIDS Day-Its in our hands

Meet Author Jordan Craigs Book Debut

Its true when they say “when something is taken from you, God gives you diamonds”. This was evident to Author Jordan Craig. Her book: The Trophy Mistress hits the online ‘bookshelves’ on the 1st November 2016.
Jordan Craig spent an idyllic childhood as the youngest of four children.
At the age of thirteen a broken arm and the prolonged recuperative period that came with it, left her catatonically bored, until she stumbled onto her mother’s collection of romance novels. Becoming instantly hooked, she secretly nurtured the dream of one day joining the ranks of a romance author.
Forced by her parents to get a “real degree” and a “real job”, she relented and went on to major in Communications at a New York college. After graduating, Jordan quickly found a “real job”. Although she enjoyed the fast-paced environment of her workplace, she continued to harbor the secret dream of being a romance writer. Scribbling notes on bits of paper between meetings, it took a while, but she finally managed to write her first novel.
Besides writing, she enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, champagne, shopping, Formula1 racing, Football, Soccer, and Tennis.
She resides in New York City.
” Hello, Loic…”
Blaise Pasquale and Loic Saracen were once madly in love and mere days away from getting married, when Loic found himself in the unexpected role of jilted Fiancé. Blaise having effectively vanished off the face of the earth.
Two years later, like a bolt from the blue, Blaise walks back into Loic’s life, hat in hand. Loic, having long since come to the conclusion that Blaise jilted him for another man, seizes on the opportunity to exact his own brand of vengeance from Blaise, by agreeing to help her…but only if she agrees to become his mistress.
Out of options and out of time, Blaise reluctantly agrees to Loic’s demands. But with stipulations of her own. Conditions that she puts in place to keep the real reason that she so cruelly and unexpectedly jilted at the altar from him. Loic, a man who always gets what he wants is determined not to lose his chance of revenge, agrees. Together they embark on their second journey in this unequal dynamic. Rediscovering the joy, purity, and passion of their first love for each other, but with the threat of Blaise’s secret hanging over their possible Happy After. Can Loic and Blaise forgive each other for the very crimes that were committed against them? Will love conquer all?

Think Big! Be positive and brave to achieve your Dreams- By Ryuho Okawa


Book Reviews:

Publisher: IRH

Publication date: 1 August 1016

ISBN: 978194212504

Genre: Self- help

” We must face our adversity and conquer it”. Ryuho Okawa , author encourages people, especially the youth to think big. The idea is to change the negative mentality to  positive thinking.

The author uses his life experience to show how his positive thinking and a change in his attitude helped him in facing challenges and came victorious. The message is: with good attitude and positive thinking anything is possible!

The book encourages and motivates people to think big in order to achieve extaordinary things in life. He uses stories to motivate people to never give up. His experience of staying in the Unite States and Japan made him realise how different countries can hold different world views on same issues, especially business wise .

It makes my mind feel at ease to know that the author is a renowned spiritual thinker and leader. And the fact that he has sold a 100 million books to date!

The book is well written, it doesn’t have many chapters.

I would personally recommend this book to everyone, since we all face adversity of some kind on our lives. It revives our personal power, and gives motivation to act towards our goals. We suffer from negative core beliefs that are hindering our way of thinking. We are not confident. The book is perfect in helping us set objectives to reaching our goals. Even businesses need a change in attitudes, their leadership styles.

I received the book from Net Galley in return for an honest review.

5/5 Stars

Available on amazon, Barnes& Nobles and goodreads!

Getting through It: A Workbook For Suicide Survivors- By Nancy S Marshall



Book Reviews

Date of publication: 06 October

ISBN: 9781523798421

“Vulnerability in suicide grief may have us feeling like an open wound…All that is normalnormal”. Losing someone through suicide is traumatic. It can come with different feelings and emotions for survivors who are left behind.

This book deals with a deep issue of suicide. It addresses this issue by giving techniques, to deal with it in order to heal. It offers self-help to repair the demages usually caused by suicide to survivors. It also gives supporting strategies to manage and cope with the trauma.

The author, Nancy Marshal makes recommendations, and gives information such as the website for suicide survivors.

I would recommend the book to everyone, since it covers sensitive issues such as grief and loss. We are all not immune to these issues, whether death is by suicide or not. It is something we all go through.

The book helps with grief and loss generally. But particularly suicide survivors since suicide is another case: survivors commonly have feelings of blame, anger and questioning etc. Because they wonder why? How? They didn’t see it comming.All these feelings and emotions, may hinder the healing process if not addressed properly. The survivors are overwhelmed by lots of feeling and emotions that are like an open wound that needs to be nursed back into healing.

I received the book from Net Galley in return for an honest review.

5/5 stars

The book is available on amazon/ Barnes and Noble

The Modern Trophy Wife-By Dr. Dion Metzger and Dr. Ayo Gathing


Book Review:

Genre: Self-help. Nonfiction(adult)
ISBN: 9780997728125
Publication date: 01 September 2016

As the saying goes: “behind every successful man, there is a successful woman”. this is evident in “The modern Trophy wife”. this is a reinvention of a traditional Trophy wife who men just show-off because of her beautiful looks.
A new kind of a woman has emerged! “The Modern Trophy Wife’, she dares to have it all:beauty and the brains. she is a ‘goal digger, not a ‘gold digger’ as opposed to the traditional Trophy Wife we are familiar with.

This is a self-help book to empower and inform women into balancing their roles as house executives and career women. it dares them to dream and introduces a dream. believe. do protocol.

The Modern Trophy Wife also gives tips for self-care and to improve relationships.
examples of this type of a woman are women such as Jackie Kennedy, ;princess Diana, Coretta Scott and Beyonce’, and to me as a South African women such as Basetsana Khumalo come to mind.

“Men are yearning for this type of a woman. A woman who can be his complement not competition. A woman who stimulates his mind, not just his body…hold her own in the boardroom and bedroom’. This is a confident and self-actualizing woman who is inspiring.
This is a great book! The authors did an amazing job in empowering women. It is needed! And it is gratifying to know that the authors are women and also board certified Psychiatrists. This means that they are sharing their experience of working with women clients.

With that said, I would recommend this book to women who are juggling different roles in their lives. It is empowering to women to set standards, not to settle for less.
I got the book from the publisher in return for an honest review through Net Galley.

4/5 stars

Available on amazon, goodreads

Jackie Sonnenberg


It is my pleasure to present Jackie Sonnenberg, author of My Soul to Keep.


Thandi: So, besides being an author, you are also an actor. Now, who is Jackie Sonnenberg? To those who know her as just an author.

Jackie: Yes- I did theatre but then I got into haunted house acting! Naturally, every Halloween season is special , but a few years back it turned into year -round thing: Co-worker friends in the haunted industry established a year- round haunted attraction combining a haunted house with laser tag. We started in one location in Wisconsin and now have another in Florida!

Thandi: What inspired you to become an author? And do you have a favourite author?

Jackie: I think it just started when I was little and learning to read and write for myself that I discoverd how much I enjoyed it  and how much it spoke to me. There are too many good authors to name, but I am a fan of Neil Gaiman and JK Rowling tok, of course!

Thandi: My Soul To keep is not your first book, you’ ve written All that Glitters and Cat Family. Can you briefly tell us about these other books you’ve written?


Jackie: How To Raise Your New Puppy in a Cat Family was part of a research book collection under a different publisher.Those were requested topics I did early on with my journalosm background. All That Glitters is the story of a jewelery thief on the hunt for a magical item. It was a short story I expanded to write before I got the idea for the series…

Thandi: Tell us about the genre of your books especially My Soul To Keep? Where does it come from? Is it your passion?

Jackie: My Soul To Keep is a young adult/ horror. I think with the Nursery Rhymes theme it fits nicely with that genre. I wrote up several plot ideas for the different rhymes and won’t know exactly what order they would be in! Since I got into horror with acting and costuming and Halloween  it is only too fitting that is my style and I can combine the two worlds together into one.

Thandi: Now, correct me if I’m wrong, My Soul To Keep is inspired by a real life event? What is it that made you want to write a book bases or partly bases on this event?

Jackie: Yes it is…its based on a real cult from the late 90s called Heaven’s Gate. Cults brainwash  people…they tell people what to believe and they make them believe it…especially in cases of life and death. That is real life horror and that is why I wanted to write about it. I also did research on people who have had real paranormal encounters and out of the body experiences

Thandi: In my opinion, you did a great job with the book because I could imagine what was happening. I can visualise the Manor. I also fell in love with the characters especially Sky and I think most teenagers can identify with her, because as a teenager you sometimes want to feel a sense of belonging. Now, how do you build characters to make them come to life like you did?

Jackie: Thank you! Everyone feels like Sky at some pont: Alone and wanting answeres and to fit in. I knew exactly what her problem was and how it would fit in. Sky

was Vulnerable, and that is exactly the type of person that cults target.They want people who are lost and want someone else to tell them what to think.

Thandi : I also loved it when you made an example about the intergration of blacks and whites there because here a simmilar thing happened with apartheid here in South Africa…and seeing that we commemorating women since  its August  what would you say to empower women in general?

Jackie: For generalization, it is about finding and knowing your voice.

Thandi: Have you ever experienced a writer’s block? And do you have any suggestions on managing/coping with it?

Jackie: Everyone does! Sometimes you just can’t think!Sometimes you need to just walk away and do something else for a while.

Thandi: With that said, what are you busy with at the moment and what do you like to do to relax and your favourite food? What is your favourite motivational phrase?

Jackie: Currently working on more books in the YRESRUN SEMYHR collection! Marry had a little lamb and Hey Diddle Diddle are coming along! I love to read …and pasta!

Thandi: How can readers get to know more about you and your book?

Jackie: This is a world I am slowly growing; and it will only get bigger with every book I write! I want people to easily recognize the classic tales and the dark twists I put on them…I post extra stuff on my website, and Facebook and Twitter. I also have a newsletter that with have some bonus material!

Thandi: And to those who had no clue what YRESRUN SEMYHR is, it’s Nursery Rhymes spelled backwards! I sure didn’t know either. And I think you can imagine how I felt after finding out!

Thandi: Thank you so much Jackie for you time and sharing on inspiredbookblog!

My Soul To Keel Purchase link:


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AC Moyer

It is an honor to present AC Moyer, author of All-Sleep


Thandi: I have to say that after reading Floaties, I was surprised because I could not tell if  this is your first book! If you remember I even told you that it felt like reading a book by a recognised author. Whereas, this is your first book. And you attend New York University, however, your play Grave recently premiered at the Goldberg Play festival. Can you please explain more about that?

AC: I study dramatic writing and entertainment business at New York University’s Tisch school of the arts. I chose NYU because it is ranked as the top film school in the united States. The dramatic writing program includes screenwriting, playwriting, and writing for television. I originally chose to attend because I wanted to write television shows. However, through taking classes on story structure, the history of drama, and really learning the mechanics of writing, I’m going back to writing short stories and novels.

Thandi: With that said, what inspired you to become an author? And most specifally All-Sleep?

AC: I’ve written short stories my whole life and I wanted to be a writer as a child. Though, in my secondary school years, I thouth being a doctor would be more practical. I spent three months at Georgetown University summer program for medicine and spent most of my money using the Georgetown library to research Dr. Mengele, the Nazi eugenics doctor. I wrote an hour- long stage play at Georgetown that my high school produced in my senior year. After that I decided to pursue a writing career instead of medicine.

Thandi: Why a psychological thriller, is it your passion to write about this genre?

Ac: I find that thrillers, and specifically mysteries, are good genres for me because I can explore darker themes by masking them under seemingly ‘normal’ settings. Ever since I’ve written the play on Dr. Mengele, I’ve had a hard time writing happy stories. Understanding a sociopath’s mindset was so fascinating that I had to continue.

Thandi: I have to admit I love the opening. It is enticing. I don’t know if that’s the right word to describe how difficult it was for me to stop. When Dr. Ian says: ” I do not condone the killing of your own children…” What goes into attracting readers to be glued into the book and keep on reading? Is this planned?

AC: NYU taught me a lot about the importance of having a strong opening. Television shows always start with something called a ‘teaser’, a short two-three minute scene that is action-packed and meant to draw the reader in. Because I didn’t want to jar a reader by giving him something action-filled so early, I tried to do it thematically. I wanted the reader to understand the mindset from which Dr. Ian is coming

Thandi: Was there anything you wanted to achieve when writing these stories? Because they are quite interesting.

AC: I wanted to explore how the outside world impacts on the mind of the fragile psyche. I think even most of the characters in All Sleep are deranges, they still have excuses. The world has been unkind to them, but they have also been unkind to he world. I like to explore themes of good and evil. The exploration of opposites is a topic that is almost always central to my writing.

Thandi: Do you ever have the writer’s block?If you do, how do you manage it or cope?

Writers block strikes me every day. I think when people say writers block they mean they are either too busy to write or they are afraid that what they write won’t be good enough. For me, its that I’m afraid of my own writting . The words on the page will never, be as good as I imagine them.

Thandi: What would you say to aspiring authors? And what are you working on now?

AC: Read. Read.Read. And watch television and movies. Some novelists with say television is trash, but I disagree. Its a new form of storytelling, but the plays are intricate and informative. All forms of storytelling can benefit the writer. With so much media flowing through the internet, its easy for young writers to absorb information and copy the patterns of great storytellers. Its a matter of getting everyday and decide to write. Right now I am working on a novel called: Fifth and Madison and an one hour television pilot script. I hope to have done the novel by February 2017. There is a short preview in the Back of All Sleep.

Thandi: What do you do to relax?

AC: I like to walk around central park or explore new restaurants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Food and chocolate make me the happiest.

Thandi: How can readers get to know more about you?

AC: My website is http://www.acmoyer.com and the readers can reach out to me on twitter @ac_Moyer. I love to hear back from readers. It’s why I write in the first place.

Book link: http://get.book.at/allsleep

Sample link: http://bit.my/2aDveZC

Thandi: Thank you for your time AC

AC: Thank you So much for taking this time to interview me, it has been pleasure!